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I need good tips on how to relax so i can be able to get pregnant?

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hi My doctor says i need to relax that the level of stress is to high and it would be impossible to get pregnant! am irregular and with the amount of tress is harder... i have really short temperament get mad really quick! i have three pets which also stresses me out, should i re-home some of my pets? also have a lot of slow self-esteem i use to be active and go out a lot now since i got married with my husband i been at home 24-7 which irritates me, we hardly go out cause he hardly have time so what can i do to relax

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It sounds like you need to make some changes in your life so that you will be happier. As a pet owner and animal lover, the idea of getting rid of pets to make room for a baby is outrageous to me. I kept both my cats and even got a puppy while I was pregnant with my first. If your pets aren't permanent members of your family, you probably shouldn't be a pet owner. I understand there are certain circumstances when a dog or cat poses a danger to a child, but to get rid of animals before you have a baby is ridiculous. What happens when the stress of dealing with one child interferes with your desire to have another child?as for your other issues, go do things by yourself. Take classes at a gym, go out with your own friends, find a new hobby, etc. You don't need to go out with your husband in order to go out and get more enjoyment out of life. You need to be able to be an independent person even while married. You should have interests apart from your husband. Being active, even if on your own, is a good idea anyway, since it's important to continue with exercise during pregnancy.

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