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I need help!!!

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My mom keeps asking me how come she saw my "boyfriend" <he's for show and he's gay> huging another guy and holding his hand. I dont know how to lie to her about that. I cant let her know he's for show!

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or say they are close, old-time friends?
I imagine there's a reason you need to feign having a boyfriend, and can't either (a) go without a boyfriend or (b) tell her you're a lesbian.  I can understand if you're worried about the second.  But honestly?  I didn't have a boyfriend until I was in college, and I'm as straight as can be.  It's not weird or a "sign", if you're boyfriendless.  You don't really need him to have a boyfriend for show, no matter the reason.
instead of lying to your mother, why not tell her the truth. i understand that you may be scared to tell her that you are gay, but she is your mother, and she will continue to love you no matter what. it can be hard for any parent to deal with the emotional rollercoaster that comes with finding out their child is gay. give her time to adjust, she may not approve overnight.
after all, honesty is the best policy. there's an old addage, "the truth will set you free" think about it.
be aware of this: if for any reason your mother goes snooping around on the computer, and finds that your username on this site is "yurilesbo", questions will arise.
first i use public computerssecond my mother is highly against what i am on the other hand my father knows and hes ok with it my moyher is highly against half her family already n i dont want her to hate me like she does her family. Half my family is either gay, lesbian, or bisexual. when i was bi i came out to my mom first n she was ok with it for a bout a year because she was also bi but then she wint straight n was against it when that happend i lied n said i was straight to n then i turned to my father n told him i was lesbian
like i said, honesty is the best policy. it's a shame that your mother will not accept you for who you are. i'm so sorry to hear that, i know it's rough. my mother neglected me  several times throughout my childhood, and if it wasn't for my grandmother, i would have ended up in a real pile of shit. when i was a teen, her idea of discipline was to send me off to the loony bin for weeks at a time. she would claim that i was suicidal, and mentally ill. i have a lot of animosity towards her still. it's been over a year since i've spoken to her, and honestly, i don't think we will ever be able to have a relationship.
My mother is ill she's bipolor, she has split personilitys, and she's suicidal.Im so sorry about your mother={

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