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I Need help..Idk if im pregnant..i really hope im not.

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I'm 15, and my boyfriend and i had sex about 2 weeks ago. And for the first time 2 weeks before that. Protected with condoms. We're worrying it might of slipped too much, and some sperm got out. I've been looking through this site for some answers. I haven't gotten a pregnancy test yet, planning on getting one today. I'm worrying because my period was suppose to be last week. But the past couple months it'll switch and be on a completely different date. I've also looked up the early signs of pregnancy, and that didn't really help either, Since my breast do just randomly hurt, feel tender and swell up long before i even met my boyfriend. The fatigue is random as well. Nausea happens a lot in my family for some reason. And the whole heighten sense of smell is so not applying to me since i could identify ingredients in a dish since i was 10. I don't crave anything and my urination is as screwy as my period. Some days its bad, others its not. My mood has little change, on my period or not..Though as well as every other stupid random thing my body does, i have random mean spurts, and im more of a depressed person to start with. I know its a lot.. But basically, I need help with what to do if this test is positive, i can NOT take on a baby. I got 3 years of high school left and plan on college with a Huge trip to Mexico and Florida next year.I need safe, inexpensive ways to rid myself of it. preferably without parents finding out, and my savings not taking a huge dent...I'm seriously stressing about the point of crying.

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The only way to know whether or not you are pregnant is to take a pregnancy test.the only way to "get rid of a baby" is to have an abortion if you don't want anyone t o know you were pregnant. Find a Planned Parenthood or other clinic in your area. But, just know what pretty much every woman who has an abortion lives with it for the rest of their lives. It's not an easy decision, especially if you plan on having children later on. Whatever you do is your decision to make, but you do have to understand that when it comes down to it, having an abortion means killing your baby.
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