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I need to know how to buy a double stroller for a child who is larger.

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My daughter is expecting her second child in June. Her 2 1/2 yr old is larger than the size and weight specifications on the double strollers they have looked at. Can you tell me what the answer to this delimma might be.

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i researched this for months because my son is on the tall side. most double strollers allow for 50 lbs. on each side, but there were a few double jogging strollers that allowed for 75 lbs. on each side.  my mom bought me a zooper as a gift and it is a nice, high-end buggy but unfortunately not made for taller or bigger children. i would say check out the instep double jogging strollers.  although the infant cannot ride in it right away, and should not be used for actual jogging until they are at least 6 weeks - it is one that i found to last the longest for a baby and taller toddler. my zooper cost almost 4 times as much and i had to pass it on to a friend with babies only a year apart since it was too small for my older son! 
how about the sit and stand? not sure the weight limits but it is meant for an infant to be in the stroller with a seat at the back for your toddler :)

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