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Is it bad that im young and dying to have a child?

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when i was little i really wated to have a baby to and now that i have a 2 month old daughter caitlyn and im pregnant again with sextuplets im happy i waited and when your older and you have kids you will be very happy that when you were young you had freedom and you got to do what you wated instead of taking care of a baby how old are you by the way
i dont think it is a bad thing but im 23 and i have a 2 year old and a1 yea old. and man its alot of work. dont get me wrong i love them both but i wish i would of waited. i still feel like a teen and not a mom and my boyfriend were together for 6years before we had our dont relize how much you will miss doing what you want when you advice would be just wait till you are older. have fun be young it goes by really fast and enjoy your uninterrupted nights of sleep while you got it! lol
Its normal for a young woman to have mommy instincts and to wish for a child sometimes, I know I did.  But there is a difference between wanting it and doing it.  You have to look at what is best for your life and your future child. Are you ready to give the child a secure, safe home.  Do you have a good job to support it?  What would you do if the child got sick and needed good medical care? Could you handle not being able to go out anymore without paying a sitter? Do you have a father so that chid can have two loving parents? Are you where you want to be in your career and life? Do you love yourself enough? The list goes on and on. Ultimately, you should know you are ready and able to give the child a good life before you have one.  If you don't you're just being selfish.  I wanted a child since I was a teen, but I waited until I was 28, with a great career, married to a great man, and stable in our finances.  My child will have everything he will ever need.  I say, wait until you can say that too, you won't regret it.
ditto to what emilypaige7 said!  it is tough for me most nights with bedtime, keeping up the house and getting ready for work the next day and i'm 34 years old!  i've always wanted children since my teens also.  actually i always said i wanted 4 children - a large family, until i actually had them and realized how much time, energy and money goes into being a parent.  i love them more than anything but there is no way i want 4 children now and i am SO glad i waited.  i got to go to college, enjoy my 20s with friends and work at getting a career so i can financially support them and provide medical insurance and i can enjoy being a parent, rather than struggling or "just making it" as most teen mothers do.  good luck, hopefully you can appreciate your youth and enjoy your life as it is now and in the future have the family you want.

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