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i need some tips for potty training

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how do i potty train my 19-month year old that likes to scream and run around

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That depends.... first of all..... boy or girl??? That makes a huge difference.  However, I think 19 months is too early.... you have to consider their physiological development.  Bladder control, sensations, and other stuff.  I did hear that if you wait till their older then the less likely they are to wet the bed cuz they have better bladder control. I tried potty training my son at 2 1/2 cuz he showed the ready signs but turns out was no where ready emotionally.  We tried again at 3 and it was a cinch.  That was Pee training.  We poopy trained at 3 1/2 and was easy as well.  When we tried to poopy train at 3 it was exhausting and tiressome and left us frustrated. He wasn't ready. We are glad we waited.  It worked out well for all of us and he has never had a bedwetting accident and transitioned well to toilet use and undies. 

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