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I need your name opinions!

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The girl name was already picked, so I have been thinking about boy names. I have come up with a few to go with the middle name, Drew. Kyson,Ryder,Riley,Toby, Russel,Mason, Finnegan. If you have any suggestions feel free to tell me them. I like unusual names! Very unusual! So keep that in mind. It's early but I feel like it's never to early to know your babys name. I gotta call it something!

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In my experience, if you already have a name picked, that's probably your baby's name. With Audrey, we agreed we both like the name when I was only about 6 weeks along. We could never figure out any boy's names that we liked, and it turned out we never needed to. With Harrison, I knew I was pregnant with a boy before I could even get a positive pregnancy test. I knew right away that his name was Harrison. I could never come up with a girl's name I liked, and never liked any other boy;s names. Vivienne was a little more difficult for me to figure out, but it was definitely the first name I liked. (And I knew, based on my symptoms, that I was definitely having a girl.) This time around, I'm pretty sure we're having a boy, but I don't have any feelings about a name yet. I'm trying to let my husband come up with a good one, since I found our first three.I will say that it's easier to figure out a name once you know if you're having a boy or a girl. Names are difficult, and the less work you have to do, the less you'll stress about it. Do be careful with the name you choose. Your child will have to live with it for their entire lives and you want to make sure you choose something they'll like. A name is a person's first impression, it's one of the very most important parenting decisions you'll make. I've lived with an unusual name for 29 years now, and I've hated it for about 26 of those years. Make sure you pick a name that is not too complicated to spell, and that is easy to pronounce. It really, really sucks to have to constantly spell your name, repeat it to people, and to have to tell them how to say it.Unusual names can be an unfair burden to children. But, that doesn't mean you have to choose Sarah or John. There are so many names out there, it just takes some searching to find one that is really good. There are lots of baby names websites out there, but my favorite is Baby Names World. It has a section for each name where people with that name have essentially rated their name. They talk about whether or not they like it, how often people misspell or mispronounce it, and how people make fun of the name. I definitely look at that for every name I've ever considered.
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