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i really need advice im 22 and thinking about getting fixed

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i have 1 kid already and i live in a small town away from everything hes the only kid in town so im thinking about getting my tubes tied. it so hard having a kid. thought about taking the mirena iud but ive tried 3 different kids of birth control and they all had bad effects on me....please help need advice bad

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you being so young, they might not tie your tubes. I had a friend where they refused because she was so young. talk to your doctor about the pros and cons of each birth control and have him compare them to what you already tried.
I agree, talk to your doctor.  There are lots of options for birth control, other than tying your tubes - typically, you won't convince a doctor to do that until you're older (say, in your 30s).  And don't be afraid to try different versions of the pill.  I had to try two different brands before finding one that worked best for me.  Good luck!
Agreed. I don't think you should follow through wiht that as you are young and your thoughts, situations can and will change. I have been taking the pill for the past 8 years, which was fine until I had my first son 5 years ago. Since then I have been on 4 different ones that did not work. I have just recently found one that seems to be working. It can be a challenge and fustrating in the process but if you and your doctor has the patience to work through the issues and trials, it's worth it. There are so many  pills and other alternatives for birth control out there, there should be something that will work for you.
Most doctors won't tie your tubes, because it is a big commitment. You will never be able to have children again if you tie your tubes. I have the mirena, and I was really scared I would have bad effects from it, but I love mine. I don't even get a period now, and I know I won't have to worry about it for a long time. They also have IUDs with no hormones which should curb any unwanted side effects. Talk to your doctor, you may change your mind in a few years.
It's true, you're very young. Having your tubes tied is not an easy process and not always reversible. I really think you should explore many more different types of birth control before making such a critical decision. 
i think most doctors will not give tubal ligations unless the patient has health issues, is over a certain age or had more than 2 c-sections (at least this was what i was told as i begged for one after my second son was born!).  i also had MANY problems with birth control pills and was scared to try the iud.  i finally tried the mini-pill when i was nursing and it worked well but is less effective and made me nervous. so my dr. suggested i tried the generic "sprintec" and let me tell you it is the best pill i've ever taken. i know everyone is different - but i have zero breakthrough bleeding, my periods are regular again, i have actually lost a little weight and have more energy. the only downside is i am moody the first week, but that is normal with any hormonal pills i think. maybe you want to check out the info on those and give the pill one more try.

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