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i smoke cigs how bad could that be for my baby?

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I smoked the first two weeks because i didn't know i was pregnant. I stopped as soon as I found out. If you didn't know, just make sure to tell your doctor so he/she can monitor the baby a little closer if you'd like.I really hope you mean you don't smoke anymore.Besides it being bad for you health, it is even worse for the baby. Especially at the beginning when they are barely starting to develop.I hope this helped.If anything, talk to your doctor!
its pretty bad. it causes low birth weight, possible misscarraige and im pretty sure preterm deprives the baby of oqygen too. its best that u sttop asap
It is very bad for both you and the baby.  Not to scare you, but I want to share something with you.  My brother-in-law's girlfriend smoked her entire pregnancy, didn't even try to stop or cut back.  She was due January 11, but had my niece on December 19.  My niece weighed 6 pounds when she was born and has been in NICU ever since.  She has blood in her bladder, was on oxygen until yesterday, and her internal organs aren't fully developed.  The doctors say if she makes it, she will probably be in NICU for the next month, at least!I hope you have stopped smoking already.  If not, please stop ASAP.  It can cause life threatening issues to your baby, if your baby makes it full-term.I hope this helps.
Scary thought! I gott quit! Thanks ppl :)
You have to put your baby's needs and health before your habits.  You should speak with your doctor immediately about healthy ways to quit smoking if you can't do it on your own.  Get healthy now, at least for the sake of your child.

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