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I there such a thing of having 3yr old post-partum depression

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Meaning that sometimes my patience is tried when she becomes so demanding of things. Forgive me but I don't chastise or yell. How do you get past this crazy stage? Any ideas out there??????

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At 3 children are looking for boundaries so if you do not chastise she will continue the behavoir because she is looking for you to tell her when she goes too far, now this does not mean that if you say no 1 time she will stop ... she is going to test each boundary you place until she is sure that the line in the sand has been drawn
that is not what you call post partum depression. sounds like you are going through what most mothers do with children this age. you don't need to yell. it's not going to get you very far with a 3 year old. put your foot down, and let her know that this behavior is not going to be tolerated. saying "no" is not chastising. it's called discipline. time-outs work for some children. they seem to have no effect on my 20 month old, so i spank. i have only spanked 3 times, and she got the message pretty quickly that there are consequences for your actions. all i have to do i threaten to spank, and it puts her behavior in check immediately.
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