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i think i felt the baby moving

4 answers
it was like a quick flutter is it normal to feel the baby at 15 weeks

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I felt movement, like you said little flutters about that time. I would think that is normal. Especially if you have been pregnant before. They say that women who have already had children will feel movement earlier because that know what feeling the are expecting.
yeah the first pregnancy i felt the baby at 19 weeeks so i thought that was normal but i felt the baby moving at 15 weeks now
I felt movement at 16 weeks myself and I am 34 now, it was flutters to and I wasnt exactly sure what they were I asked my Dr and he said that the due date can be off by about 2 weeks so its common to feel movement between 15 and 20 weeks. Maybe now that you know what it feels like more than you did your first pregnancy you have a better idea to know what to look for. Congratulations!
i think its completely normal! this is my 4th pregnancy, i felt the baby move once at 14 weeks, than again at 15 weeks, and now at nearly 17 weeks i feel the baby move every day. the movement is still to soft for my hunny to feel :(  oh well all in good time!

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