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I think im pregnant

2 answers
Im 16 (yeah i know still young) and Ive became really tired lately and i barely could walk up the steps without getting tired. ive started having these weird craving for foods. I thought i was sick at first but that didnt seem like it. Soon after i started getting dizzy and my period is missing. Im kinda worried. Am i pregnant...or not.

answers (2)

Hi, it depends how late you are . I just found out I was 4 weeks pregant and I'm 18 . I was 3 weeks late so I decided to take a test and it came positive . If you are more then 2 weeks late I would take a test and also some of these symptoms you are having can be from stress and also your period coming . Good luck!
There is a slight chance of pregnancy but it depends how late u are because sometimes your period just gets off track because of stress not pregnancy. I would take a test and if your pregnant your pregnant and if not your not. like @kcummings15yah some. Is just the stress of your period coming. ALSO from age of 8-18 it's normal for your period to not come right away or be irregular because your body changes more over those years. Anyway I hope for u 2 have the best.

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