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I took cait to the doctor and they said she had the flu

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My husband got shot in iraq and he had to get surgery and they removed his spleen so his immune system isn't very good. If he were to get the flu he would probably die but I haven't taken him to the doctor to get a flu shot because I thought since the flu season was just started so nobody would get the flu. My doctor told me to get the flu shot because my body is still weak from the miscarriage and I had to get surgery after my miscarriage because they had to remove the after birth because it didn't come out with the baby. So she said I would have to stay away from things like that. I don't know what to do I can't stop taking care of caitlyn but the next appointment I can get me and my husband in is next thursday.

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I'm not a big believer in flu shots. Every time my husband and I have gottent hem we have gotten very ill from, gues what? The flu! Our kids don't get them and neither do we, and none of us get sick.Look into some homeopathy. There is one remedy specifically for the flu called oscillicoccinum. It works really well to help your immune system naturally fight flu symptoms. You can also go to to look up remedies based on your symptoms. It's safe for babies, has no drug interactions and you can't overdose on it. I've used it on myself for years and use it for my kids too. My daughter had a fever once that wouldn't go down with Motrin or Tylenol, but a homeopathic remedy for her specific symptoms made the fever go down immediately. 
Thank you sooooo much!!!!! I was so worried that my husband would get it or I would and we wouldn't be able to get rid of the flu and I guess its just one of those fears of leaving your child but I just kept thinking if we both die cait is all by herself. I worry to much but thank you!
Oh, also, you can go to Walgreens or CVS or something to get a flu shot. They'll bill your insurance and you don't need an appointment. But really, I wouldn't worry too much. I know you and your husband have some medical issues, but it's just the flu. And if you do get sick you can get prescription medication for it. Once you think you're sick you can call your doc's office first thing in the morning and they should be able to get you in that day. Doctor's always keep a couple of spots open for sick visits.

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