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i use dreft to wash her clthes can i use fabric softner or dryer sheet

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Not sure about the fabric softener but we have started using "Snuggle free and clear" dryer sheets and my son has been just fine.  I would do research if your baby/toddler/child has any type of skin conditions prior to introducing something new.
It really depends on your child's senativity to scents. My middle son was senative to scents. I used scent-free laundry soap and dryer sheets. It was ok.
fyi dreft is only for keeping the fire retardant in clothes (if GOD forbid your child is that close a fire i dont think the clothes or dreft would help) and it is harsh. I'm in the medical field and once made the huge mistake by holding a baby washed and clothed in draft, I broke out in a head to toe rash w/ blisters, advise wash your baby in non fragrance and dye free Ive used Purex with all my grandchildren with no issuesjanet 
I used Dreft and All for Babies with both of my kids... both worked fine for us.  No problems!  And my daughter had extremely sensitive skin. My understanding about fabric softener is that it can mess up the fire retardant stuff in pjs.  I don't use it with their clothes, but I do use dryer sheets.
I recently purchased the babiesrus fabric softner sheets,they have no perfumes in it, so it's safe to use on for babies and kids.

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