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i wanna kill my husband some times

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My husband has this joke, which he thinks is funny in a joking way, about our daughter, who is almost 6 months old. He only says it to me and never in front of other people, so it doesn't hurt my feelings, just gets on my nerves. Our daughter doesn't have a lot of hair but what she does have has a red tint to it. I'm excited. I loved the hint of a shade of red, but he likes to joke that he has his doubts about her paternity. I know he's joking and I don't know where it's coming as no one in either of our families have red hair. I'm just wondering if any of you ladies ever had your husband make that joke and did you kill him for it or laugh it off.

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My husband has said things like this. The other day, we were comparing pictures of ourselves at our kids ages to see who our kids looked like more. (They look like me.) He said if our son didn't look so much like his sisters, he'd wonder who his father was.It doesn't bother me because we both trust each other to know that something like that would never be an issue. He knows I'd never cheat, so I know he's just joking around.Also, what a baby's hair looks like when tons of light is coming through only a little bit of hair is not necessarily what the hair will look like once there's a lot of it. My kids all looked like they'd have blonde or red hair, but once they had a bunch, it was obviously brown.
Thank god I am not the only one! I have posted so many times about how I wanna drop kick the teeth out of his mouth.. My husband has joked about the same thing since my daughter was born almost 2 years ago,and with my second pregnancy every time he seen the ultrasound picture he would say "this one actually looks like its mine" just to be annoying.. My daughter has blonde hair, it doesn't look like it's blonde.It's actually blonde.. I have jet black hair and my husband has dark brown. So the childs hair color doesn't necessarily determine who the parents are, I know for a fact I have never cheated on him....Laughing it off isn't gonna send you to jail so it's probably your best option, if it bothers you tell him...........
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