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i wanna know what im having :(

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i just wanna know what i'm having for the peace of mind of knowing and shopping. when i see that cute dress on sale i want to know if i can bought it or if it will set in a box, pointless for a baby boy. i already have a handsome little man and when i was pregnant with him i went ahead and bought the girl clothes. now i have three boxes of girl clothes from my last pregnancy and i don't want to make it six from this one if i'm having another boy(which would be great too). my question is how early through ultrasound did you ladies find out the sex of your little guys and gals?

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Gender is determined during the anatomy scan ultrasound which is normally done between 18 and 22 weeks. Before 18 weeks a gender prediction isn't reliable (a "girl" can easily turn into a boy), even though some women do find out earlier. 
I found out at my 20 week ultrasound but a few of my friends found out at their 16 and 18 week appointments. It depends on your doctor so you could always ask at your next appointment.

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