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I want another baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hubby isn't ready

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After I had caitlyn I got pregnant again when she was 3 months I recently had a miscarriage. Even though getting pregnant when caitlyn was 3 months was an accident I fell in love with the thought of having another baby. Now im wanting to try again but my husband doesn't want to he says it's to soon. I understand he wants to wait and that we just lost a baby but I want another one.

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He may be still greaving and the thought of another right now may just feel like he is replacing the one you lost. Give him some time to heal. From what I read it was a big ordeal and he may just need time.
If your husband isn't ready it's best that you wait before getting pregnant again. Your daughter is only about 7 or 8 months old right now, right? Getting pregnant now means having two in diapers, two needy little ones, two naughty toddlers...And while all that can be great, it's a lot of work. My kids are 18 months apart and I can't take my eyes off of them for a second. I absolutely adore them and I love that they have a great relationship because they're so close in age but it also means that I need a lot of help. I would go insane if my husband weren't as wonderful and helpful as he is. He wanted our kids close together just as much as I did and was prepared for the amount of work that it would take. But if he wasn't 100% on board with everything it absolutely wouldn't work for our family. So, if your husband wants to wait, no matter what his reason may be, you have to wait. Adding a second child adds more than twice the amount of work of having just one child. You want him to be ready for that, not sad over your shared loss, not even remotely resentful that it happened too quickly. Give him the time he obviously needs.
Your right about it being soon, I just feel like having another baby close in age with caitlyn would be great.
It definitely is great having kids close in age. My daughter and son are have been best friends since he started crawling and really playing. And even though it is more work it's easy to handle because you're still in the baby phase of things. But, you both have to be ready for it because it is a lot of work. It's more than just two in diapers and if your daughter isn't mature enough to be well prepared for sharing her family with another baby it's extremely difficult.Wait another couple of months to give your husband some time. If your daughter is 9 or 10 months old when you conceive your kids will be 18 or 19 months apart. That's plenty close in age, they should be great friends for their whole lives (that's what we're hoping for!). I know how impatient you must be, it was hard for me to wait to conceive this third baby. But a couple of months isn't a long time to wait.

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