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i want to breastfeed but....

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i plan to breastfeed but if for some reason it doesn't work out how long does one can of formula last? just curious..i like to plan ahead of time and see how much i would need each month..any ideas?

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I think it actually tells on the can how many bottles (and the size) you can get out of it. I hope it works out and you are able to nurse like you want to. Good luck :)
It does tell on the can, but they don't last long!  Be sure to check the bottoms of the cans for expiration dates.  If it's getting close don't buy them.  We always bought our formula off of ebay and saved a ton with our first (but watch the dates because people try to sell stuff that's expiring within a week or so of purchase).  With our 2nd we couldn't because he became intolerant to most formulas except one particular soy brand.  Word of advice, don't buy too much in bulk as far as formula goes so that if it doesn't agree with your little one you can switch without being too much in the can't return even unopened formula to stores. 
When I said last long, I meant how long it takes to get through a can...not the shelf life of the can.
I would say a can would last about a week.  My son is 5 now so it is hard to remember, but it seems like I bought about a can a week.
When I was on WIC with my first, they gave her 9 cans of powdered formula a month. That was always just right.Good luck with the breastfeeding tho, its not really as hard as it seems. Make sure you get good help and advice. :)

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