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I want to know whether or not i am pregnant

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Ok, my boyfriend and i had sex about 3 or 4 weeks ago and he caame in me. a couple of days later i threw up at 4 something in the morning. every since then ive been having the symptoms of pregnancy. i took a test and it said yes i took another and it said no and then another sadi yes and another said no. now in my boyfriends mind he thinks i am pregnant so everytime we have sex he cums inside me thinking im preg so i have to be but i keep taking these test thats giving me diff answers.

answers (5)

Call your Dr and ask for a blood test.  That will be positive results!
I would call the Doctor and make an appointment, the home tests are not always 100% accurate and the only way to know is by going to the doctor to confirm. If you aren't planning for a baby, I would use protection until you find out for sure weather you are pregnant or not.
The docs tests will be best.  Urine is prone to human error, blood test will be a lot more accurate.  Usually symptoms start 2 weeks after your ovulation date, which should be the start of your cycle.  however in rare cases it's possible they are delayed.  but Kaykay is right, use protection till you know for sure, and the pull out method isn't birth control, even precum has semen in it.
take a damn pregnancy test!
I know this is an old post, but I just have to say, the chances of getting a false positive is rare, unless you are using the blue dye pregnancy tests. Use the pink ones only! So if they were pink, I would say the liklihood of you getting 2 false positives...uhm well lets just say more than likely you ARE pregnant lol.

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