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i was having pains!! need sum feed bakk plz!!

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since early this morning at 3am i was having pains in my lower bakk and lower stomach then again at 5, then 9, then 11am, to 2pm, then again at 5! the pain lasted bout half hour each time!! at sum points he moved around in my tummy! juz wondering if its juz braxton hicks or reall labour!! i felt like goin to the bathroom nd goin number 2 all day but nothin!!!

answers (3)

If the pain only lasted for 30 minutes and then stopped chances are it's just Braxton-Hicks contractions. If it happens again you can call the maternity ward/labor and delivery department at your hospital to see if they want you to come in.How far along are you?
kk thnx!!  oh and also  i feel pains in my pelvic bone more often now!! it kills.
Your pelvis has probably separated a little more. It's normal, just be careful when you move. 

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