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I was prescribed the 21 day pack of watson microgestin1.5/30 pills. I

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I was prescribed the 21 day pack of watson microgestin1.5/30 pills. I missed a pill or two during the first week, but took a couple to make up for the missed pills. I also missed some during the second week and again took a couple to get caught up. I never really took them at the same time, but just took them when i could/felt like it. After missing a few I got a period that lasted for a while and during that period I still took a couple of the pills. Myhusband and i had sex the entire duration, but I never completed the pack. I still have the last 7 days of pills left. We had sex 3 DAYS while i got my period after missing the pill and ALL THREE DAYS MY HUSBAND CAME IN ME.....COULD I BE PREGnANT? Another thing, does a WOMAN HAVE TO BE OVULATING TO BECOME PREGNANT??

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Yes, a woman has to ovulate in order to become pregnant. If you were having unprotected sex while just beginning a birth control pill there is a definite chance that you could be pregnant. You're supposed to use a back up method of birth control for a while after starting a new pill to give it a chance to fully regulate your hormones. Take a home pregnancy test if you suspect you're pregnant.
The pill may not be right for you if you are having this hard of a time remembering to take it. I am not good with the pill and that is how we ended up with our daughter. I recommend maybe trying a different method if you are still having trouble remembering

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