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I was watching the doctors show they said something that concerned me.

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They said that if you eat chicken while pregnant with a son that it almost always causes them to have a smaller bird. I was wondering, is that true?

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I seriously doubt it. The only thing that really affects a developing baby's hormones is soy because it has plant estrogens. But, I'm sure it depends on the levels of hormones that are given to the animal. Dairy products and meats all have high levels of hormones unless they're organic or otherwise state that they were not raised with hormones.Ultimately though, while diet can play a part in how a baby develops, it's really up to genetics, especially in this area. All baby boy's are born with small penises and it takes them a long time to really start growing. Unless you're checking your kid out when he's a teenager you really won't have any idea how big he is. 
My husband is always criticizing the doctors for choosing tv over people. Why would you want to waste a degree that could save lives in order to make ratings? ANyways, I would take what they say with a grain of salt! I have a son and my doctor never said that I should refrain from eating chicken while I was preggers. Also, Oceana since you just lost a baby and hopefull will let your body rest awhile before getting pregnant again, this is something you dont need to stress about. With everything going on in your life right now, chicken and baby "birdies" should be the furthest from your mind :) 
the entire idea of this just makes me laugh! I cannot even imagine them saying this on the show unless they were making fun of myths. I mean you would think that if a pregnant woman eating chicken could have this effect than the man eating chicken himself would also hinder growth. it's just silly...//
I know it makes no sense, but I was wondering if anyone would agree or if its crazy!
Its crazy, I ate chicken all through my pregnancy with my son.

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