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I was wondering can someone get pregnant if they have sex when she is pregnant?

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I had sex with my boyfriend when i was pregnant a week later i had an abortion and now i suspect i might be pregnant again is this possible and i have never slept with him again

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No, and abortion is not birth control.Please speak with someone you trust about protecting yourself from STD's, AIDS and making better choices to make sure that you are ready for the responsibilities that come with having sex.
close your damn legs. stop using abortions as a form of convienent birth control. the exististence of an unborn fetus is not something to just throw down a drain. you need to start using some birth control. go to the health dept, you can get free condoms, and also a check up with a prescription. they work on a sliding scale based on your income. if you are not ready for the responsibility of a child, then stop throwing yourself around so freely for everyone to get a piece. protect yourself, respect your body. get tested for std's. use a condom everytime. even if you are on birth control.  BIRTH CONTROL WILL NOT PROTECT YOU AGAINST STD'S!!!! THE PULL-OUT MEATHOD CAN AND WILL GET YOU PREGNANT. there is a lot of free information available at the doc's office/health dept. don't be shy. pick it up. read through it, and learn everything you can.

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