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i weight about 180 im 10 weeks pregnant when will i feel my baby move

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I was about 175 when I first became pregnant but I really didn't feel her move til I hit 21 weeks, just because she wasn't really big enough for me to notice when she moved. It's different for everyone, don't worry too much about it.
its pretty much different for everyone,but believe me when the baby does start to move you'll doesnt really matter early in pregnancy until the baby is larger,then if u dont feel any movement u should contact your doctor.
me i started feeling my baby move was when i was 12 weeks but it is different for everybody.
I was usually around 17 to 18 weeks with all mine.  It was Like I would start feeling them move the week before my ultrasound, I know funny right.  But like all the other ones everybody is different.

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