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I went to the doc and found out I was pregnent and I ouldn't remember

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Wen my lAst cycle was so I guessed should I go by the date the doc gave me or the ulter sound lady.??? In need of help.! And the doc is going by guessing date and ulter sound Tec is going by mesauserments from the ultur sound

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It really depends on the dates they gave you. My due dates are about a week apart and they won't change it unless its more than a week. The dr is going to go buy the date they gave you so you might as well go by it too. Are the dates close together? I just go by the one the dr gave me but I keep in mind she is a week behind that and it might take an extra week. I wouldn't worry about it too much cause your baby will get here when its time. A due dates is really just a guess anyways. Good luck sweetie! :)
I understand what you mean I was on the implanon(birth control) before I got pregnant and my last menstrual cycle was May 19 so they gave me a due date of Feb 22 but then when they did the ultrasound they said that my due date is March 14 and now that I'm 29 weeks pregnant they are saying that my baby is pretty big for her due date and my whole family says that I look like I'm going to bust. What sucks even more is that I'm suppose to have a scheduled c-section at 39 weeks but I'm not sure if theyeven have the right due date. I don't know I'm scared but I'm just going to listhen to my dr. and pray to God that everything will be ok and I would suggest that you do the same.

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