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i went to the doctor and they told me that they seen 6 heartbeats

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so i went to my doctors appointment and they did an ultrasound and then the doctor went out and got another doctor and then he said that i was having sextuplets

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i know its very uncommon but my mom had quintuplets so i think it just runs in the family
wow thats crazy..if u r having that many i wish u lots of luck!
Wow!! Congrats!! Now I see why you were posting so many opitions for baby names. How many other children do you have? and serious, if you don't mind me asking, were you taking fertility treatments? Once again congrats and wow best of luck. :)
i have one daughter caitlyn shes 2 months old i didnt take fertility treatment it was not planned mostly because i have a 2 month old but it happend and i was excited so was my husband but then i went to my doctors appointment and they told me i was gonna have sextuplets my mom had quintuplets and my sister had twins then got pregnant again with sextuplets then tryed for another baby and had more twins so i guess were just very fertle plus after u have a baby ur more fertle
they saw six hearbeats, not seen.

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