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I went to my doctors appointment and they said I am having a boy.

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I am soo excited... We are naming him dylan joe hillward. By the way VforVenture I asked about the waterbirth and they said they do have pools for people who want a waterbirth.

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Congrats! I am currently cooking boy #3!
Cool! See if you can find a childbirthing class that is specifically for waterbirths, or read up on them online.
I think theres a class not to far from my house, I'll have to go check about it.
Congrats!!(: I Am Also Having A Boy!!
I am sooo excited to have a boy, I honestly think boys are easier.
Im Excited 2:) This Is My First So Let's So How It Goes:)! & Yah That's What My Mom Say's Haha:)

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