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i would like to know can u still breast feed if u are pregrant?

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You can but it gets harder because you produce less milk while pregnant. You should be sure to keep drinking. You will need more than required for pregnancy to do both. Also it depletes your calcium so be sure to make sure you get enough.
I did for the first few months of my pregnancy. My daughter was only 8 months when we got pregnant again and I nursed her until she weaned herself at 14 months..the milk changes flavor when you get further along in your pregnancy and alot of times the little ones wean themselves for you. And be sure to drink plenty as mommyofzoo said I ended up having to get iv fluids because I got so dehydrated because not only was i nursing still but I had terrible morning sickness and kept getting sick so the combination really took its toll.. good luck =)
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My doctor told me that if I continued to breastfeed while I was pregnant, then my body would choose to support one baby or the other. You could end up having a miscarriage if you continue breastfeeding, or your body could stop producing milk in order to supply the unborn baby with the nutrition it needs. Either way, the outcome of breastfeeding while pregnant is that it will put alot of strain on your body and be dangerous to you and the baby!

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