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Babies are very wonderful and beautiful. Along with the fun theres the lack of sleep and worry that comes along with the fun. I have a beautiful daughter, her name is caitlyn marie brooks she is my world i love her so very very much. My name is oceana and this is my birth story. I found out i was pregnant in March 2010 it was the best thing ever me and me and my husband were happy and awaiting the arival of our baby. Nine months later in december i went to the doctor and was induced. I had went into labor and was in little pain, at first anyways. I dialated slowly and when i got to 5 cinameters dialated was in serious pain i wanted to be all natural but i couldn't stand the cramps. I ask the doctor for the epidural and decited it was gonna help me have my baby. 4 hours later i was ready to have the baby, i pushed 9 times before my beautiful daughter was born i named her caitlyn she was the best thing i had seen all day and still is the only thing that i love more then life its self. thats my story you can share your story if you want

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i started having regular contractions at 7 months, and by 9 months, i was 3.5 cm dialated. after that, i stopped dialating.  i went to the hospital 4 times only to be told that it was "false labor". i went to the dr's office one morning because she stopped moving. of course, as soon as they put the monitor on my belly, she moved. they sent me home, and told me to get some rest. that evening, i started going into labor. we went to the hospital AGAIN, and they still tried to send me water had not broken, and i was still only 3.5 cm. they said i had to be 4 for them to admit me.  i was 37 weeks. my husband and i demanded that the doc induce me. i told him, "you can discharge me if you want, but i'm staying right here until this baby is born!" they admitted me, and the next morning i was induced. 10 minutes after pitocin, and the epidural, she was crowning. ten pushes, and she was out. the actual process only took 20 minutes. i didn't feel a thing but pressure. as soon as her head popped out, my husband was bawling.
I went to my doctor for a checkup and was looking forward to him saying everything was great. I remeber the nurse coming in and saying "Your pregnant" with an unsure look on her face. I looked at her and life seemed to move in slow motion for a little while in the corner of my eye i could see my husband smiling and unable to keep his excitement in. The nurse left the room and i immediatly burst into tears, i thought "why me? how could this have happened to ME?" my husband now looked at me and said "babe this is what we wanted?" no, thats what HE wanted. I rembered telling my mom a couple days later and her getting so mad she wanted me to have an abortion, and his mom was overjoyed. I couldnt see why him and his family would even approve this. I got an ultrassound at 8 weeks and decided i couldnt abort, i looked into adoption. My husband told me "if u get an abortion or do adoption ill ever speak to you again" needless to say i kept her, and i resinted my pregnancy and him for a long time. Its funny what a birth can do to someone. I love my daughter now and i occaionally cry for ever thinking such horrible things, and i wish i would have enjoyed being pregnant because now i may never have anpther one.. 
With my first daughter I was induced 9 days after my due date. With my second I assumed it would be the same situation, so we packed up and headed to our lake house (only about 45 minutes from the hospital)2 days before my due date. We had a group of friends and family to celebrate the new year. On my due date I was cooking breakfast like normal, and cleaning up after the 12 people that had arrived. My finance went out on our boat to do some wake boarding before we left and forgot his phone. As I was doing the dishes, the pain all of the sudden hit me, i had been very uncomfortable all morning but didn't think a thing of it until I could barley stand up. After spending 30 minutes trying to get my finace back I sent some one else out on another boat to find them. They arrived back and we raced to the hospital, I was 9cm dialated when I came in, so no pain meds. 30 minutes later my sweet Riley was born, and we had an amazing story to laugh about.
i am 9 weeks pregnant as on monday, and im terrified of going into labor here at the house, and giving birth on the living room floor. since my first child was born in just 20 minutes, and every baby comes faster than the one before, that leaves me very little time to get to the hospital in time for an epidural.
kaykaysmommy,in your situtation, i would have just simply gone to the hopstial without my husband. if that meant giving birth naturally, or having my epidural, i would have just sucked it up and dealt with the dissapointment of not having him there with me every step of the way. i applaud you tremendously for waiting for him. i certainly could not have done that. my husband works 30 minutes away from the house, and i'm a stay at home mommy to a 21 month old. i'm now 8 weeks pregnant. i told my hubby that if i start having regular contractions, i will call the ambulance and he can meet us there. his tattoo shop is only 4 minutes from the hospital. my last baby came in just 20 minutes. however, i will not have a full hour plus to get to the hopsital in time before popping out this one! if i waiting that long, i would end up having a baby here at the house. no thank you! i will gladly take my epidural! i'm certainly not going to wait around until my water breaks before i run off to the hospital. i won't have that much time! they say every baby comes faster than the one befor.
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