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iam 38 wks what are some other ways to induce labor?

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All the old wivetales you hear are not true. Your baby will come when its time. I went to the doctor one week and I was dilated to a 2. The doctor told me I could have him anytime. Three weeks later I was induced. Dont rush it.
well I think that there are ways to get labor started but they only work if your body is ready. Heres what we did.. I went grocery shopping and walked everywhere.. all the way through walmart and the kroger store.. came home and had sex a couple times and had my bf rub some icy hot on my lower back.. all of these were things that I was told woudl help so we tried them all.. a big thing when you are having sex and before hand and stuff is nipple stimulation.. that was suppose to help as well. I cant tell you what worked but something got the contractions going and we had our son later on that day.. good luck hun =)
try sex, walking alot..casterol works too but some ppl have mixed felings about it..but if the babys not ready then h/she will come n their time
Hello, I would suggest that you visit this site care! :))
why not wait until your "due date", my first son was 15 days late (yes 42+ weeks) i was finally induced, my second son was 10 days late. both were normal weight (7lbs. 3oz each!) and healthy. being induced was not fun and i tried EVERY natural inducing suggestion the 2nd time and he was still late. i agree with the first person, don't rush it. your baby will come when ready and the longer they are in there to grow, the better. if the dr says it is time to induce, then go with the flow. no birthplan or class can prepare you for the any type delivery - each one is different, try to rest and sleep while baby is still inside! good luck!
There are quite a few resources online to help with this. Here are two articles you can check out:40 Natural Ways to Induce LaborNatural Ways to Induce Labor

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