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Idk if i'm pregnant HELP! (Forgot to add the rest)

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I am 18. I been having irrelgular periods for ever. This year I got my period May 6, June 6-9, and July 5-9. But july's period was different not like may's and june's. It was very light and only spotting and it was like brownish discharge. I thought I was going to get my period this month in August, but I didnt I only got cramps for like a day or two. I get lightheaded once in a while and sometimes it feels like if i have to take deep breaths. I am very tired all the time I end up going to sleep like at 11pm instead of like 1am. Now my nipples slighty hurt. They been hurting for 2 days already when barely press on them. I been wanting food that I dont even like and my smelling is crazy I could smell food from across the room which I could never do. My mood changes all the time. Im happy and then mad and then sad. I have not taken a pregnancy test. Idk if im pregnant. I need some help.

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You should go get a pregnancy test and also set up an appointment with your doctor to see what is going on.
Take a home pregnancy test.

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