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if i had c-section with my first child can i have this baby natural?

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This is something you'll need to discuss with your doctor as he or she will know the specifics of your case. Plenty of women are able to have vaginal births after they have a c-section but it really depends on the type of procedure you had, how well you healed, etc. Only your doctor can tell you for sure if this is a possibility.
Like she said you need to discuss this with your doctor. I would say probably not because that's what i've heard ,but I could be wrong so ask the doc. Good luck.
A friend just had her second baby.  Because her first was a c-section, she was told by her doctors that she needed to have a c-section for the second as well.  Apparently you CAN have a vaginal birth for the second, but you need to be very proactive, and find doctors willing to do it with you.  I suspect it also would depend on the circumstances surrounding your first c-section.  In any case, you'll need to talk to your doctor, but don't be surprised if they don't like the idea.
okay thanks ladies!! i did very well with the healing process after my c-section but they have discuss the option of me having a vaginal birth but with no drugs at all 
Both my sisters had c-sections with their first and tried to have vaginal births. One sister was able to and the other was not. She broke her back when she was younger and they think her spine may have fussed and not moved to let the baby decend. My sister in law was going to do a vbac (vaginal birth after csection) but her son was not coming and they do not like to induce with vbac's I guess so they did a c-section, same thing with my friend. I guess maybe where I live doctors like people to do them because most people do.With out pain meds should be fine, I had both my babies without it. With my son I just kept saying I know it will not last forever and the end will come.  I have fast labors so the second time it was easier knowing that the end was near. Find what works for you. What have you done to over come pain before.  I find I have to get very centered inside and just focus on me and nothing or no one around me. Also with my son (second) I was a lot more relaxed, I talked and joked with my husband, where with my daughter I was too nervous.  So try to relax between contractions I know it is only a few minutes but just try to go away from the moment and I felt that helped thing move along. With my daughter I was bracing for the next contractions which just got me tense.
I had a c-section in January and was really bummed. I wanted a vaginal birth so badly. Everything went as planned until it was time to push and she failed to descend. Her arm was over her head and she just wouldn't budge. I tried to push for about 5 hours before I consented to a c-section. The next day my doc was like, next birth we are definitely trying a VBAC(vaginal birth after c/section). So, it is very possible. the reason that a lot of docs won't do it is because there is a higher rate of uterine rupture, plus it is just easier for them to schedule you a day to come in for a c/s...
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