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If I had my last period in June, when should I test if im preggers?

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I had my last period in June 10th, 2011 and its now August third. I still haven't gotten my period. I am on birth contol, but I haven't gotten my period. My boobs are swollen, I use the bathroom all the time (number one and two) i have crazy gas, and i'm always hungry. My head always hurts and i'm always so tired even if I sleep more then 11 hours a day. When should I take a test? I'm afraid its to early to detect. Any suggestions?

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If you have missed a period, it's not too early for an OTC test to detect - however, depending on the birth control you're using (i.e., if it's hormonally-based, like the pill), it may skew the result.  Your best option may be to see your doctor and have them do a blood draw.  And frankly, if you're on the pill or something similar and you've missed a period, you may want to see your doctor anyway to make sure everything's okay.  It's possible that you'll want to tweak the dosage some.

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