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if me and my boyfriend wanted to have a baby at 14 years old?

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well me and my boyfriend are only 14 years old and we want want a child at this but we are scared of what are parents might say and how we can support are baby at this age.

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You cannot even drive at your age, how would you even support a child especially when you are a child still yourself?  You have your whole life ahead of you to have children and this would definitely cause many problems in your life, your boyfriend's life, both your and his parents' lives and the child.  Both of you need to back away from this type of talk and the activities that go along with it.  Are you sure he wants a baby or he wants the action that causes a baby?  Going on welfare so the taxpayers pay for your bad decision isn't mature at all.  
I'm thinkng this is a set-up question, as I can't imagine a 14 year old posting someing this stupid. Go to a crowded store or mall, listen to the loud babies, some screaming and tired, some screaming for a new toy, look at the tired and patient mothers and fathers trying to get thru the checkout with their caravan and sanity, go home and ask your parents how they made the decisions to get thru each day with their children's safety and health and development as the utmost importance, and THEN go get some birth control for yourself. My twins are almost 8, I've literally single-parented so my husband can travel for work & support us all, and it is NEVER about YOU once you have children. Babies are cute, but get a puppy first and see what responsibility is all about. Yikes...
I agree Twinmamamia.  this can't be real.  If it is, I would question her parents for allowing this kind of behavior at her age.  When i was 14 I would never dream of anything this immature.  I am 27 with 1 child, and am married and it's very hard, working and being a mom.  Long stressful days and nights.  How do you plan on finishing school, what kind of job do you think you will get not having an education?  What kind of example will you be to your child.  I think you need to just not even think like this.  get on birth control if you are sexually active.  Do you really think that your boy friend will stick around at his age to help raise and support you and your child?  WOW....  I am stunned.
Not old enough to drive, own a house, have a job, drink, legally get married, no insurance (other than your parents if they have any). Have not finished school. Oh yea having a kid at that age sounds like a great idea. I am sure when Prom comes around if you are still in school you will love to miss that. Oh and your 18th birthday and your 21st birthday too they should be great when you have to find a sitter. Or the spring breaks that you can not attend with friends or school trips in high school, as traveling for a long amount of time would be out.S taying up at night with a baby when you have to do your homework. Yep great idea.
You need to wait!! You guys are WAY too young to have a baby. Like the posts before, you can't even drive or have a job. There is plenty of time to have a baby. Now is not the time. Go enjoy being young and finish school.
Oh and forgot to mention taking a baby along for the driving test might be a little awkward at 16..
Oh my goodness, why would you even WANT to take on that kind of responsibility at 14 years old? Parenting looks easy, but are you really ready for staying up all night and all day with a newborn? First of all pregnancy is hard enough as it is, and with your age, the delivery would put you at a risk of all kinds of things. Babies are not easy, I would know. Not to mention the fact, your 14, how long have you and this potential boyfriend been together? Im not trying to sound harsh hun, but if you get pregnant, you have to think, would he actually stick around? Some guys say they will, until they realize just how hard parenting is, or they get bored. Or just want someone else, because at 14, you cant tell me that you know for a fact that you guys will be together forever. And being a single mom is NOT easy! I would know first hand. My sons real dad told me he would be around, and he ran the 2nd month of my pregnancy, I was 18 and he was 20...and even at that age guys havent grown up completely. He was a douche bag, and I hope for your sake if you do get pregnant, that your man WOULD stick around, but hunny its not always guaranteed! He may mean what he says now, but that doesnt mean he cant change his mind. My sons dad wasnt around the whole pregnancy and then saw my son when he was about 3 weeks old, then bailed again, and didnt see him again til he was 3 months old, and then bailed once again, and he has never to been seen since then. I was lucky enough to find a man who actually gave a crap, he considers my son his own, and we are happily married now. But just because my son has someone to call daddy, doesnt mean it makes it hurt any less! The fact that I made an unwise decision to have a child so young, with someone I hadnt been with for very long at all, I feel like a bad mom. It sucks. ALOT! And you shouldnt have to go through the same heartbreak that I go through every day for a dumb decision. Dont get me wrong, I do NOT regret my son, but his real dad is a moron, and I feel bad for it. How do you tell your kid that there parent didnt want anything to do with them???? Its got to be the hardest thing, and I havent had to have that talk yet, and I dont know what Im going to say, honestly, I think about it every day! PLEASE, dont do it, you are throwing away your childhood! And you dont know what kind of risks come with it! I sure didnt, and now I do...and its complete heartbreak every day. I love my son to death, but every time I look at him, all I see is his real dad...he looks just like him, and it hurts that he refuses to be around for him.
And I agree with alot of the comments above, how do you expect to take care of a child, when you are still a child yourself. You may not feel like it, when I was your age, I thought I was all grown up, and thought I could do whatever. Fact is, your not old enough to even get a job and support your child, therefor, your parents will be paying for formula, diapers, wipes, bottles, clothes, crib, blankets, binkys, the carseat, ect. There is sooo much stuff you have to get for babies. They are not cheap. Why would you want to put that kind of burden on your parents? They would have to take time out of their schedule to take the baby to doctors appiontment, and beleive me, in the first year, there are a ton of those! How are you going to do school? Have you thought of that? Please dont drop out! I did, and I regret it! I mean, GED isnt too hard but its expensive, unless you are able to get into a free program, but with that being said, how would you study, while your taking care of a newborn who eats about every hour or 2, pees like a race horse, and if your not so lucky...collicy, which means they NEVER sut up, they just constantly scream. Even if you did home schooling, thats still hard, its hard to do school work while maintaining mommy duties, unless you ahve someone there to help you. Either way, its SOOOOO stressful, and not easy at all. Best thing is to wait until you have been in atleast a 5 year relationship so you know that person will stick around for better or for worse.
I think there is this misconception that having  a baby will strengthen your relationship. But it is totaly wrong, the little things will become even bigger and you will evetually break up. Not only will you have to struggle tremdously to graduate middle-school through college (if you want a real job), you will struggle with everything in your life. Take it from me, I had a baby at 17, which is 3 years older than you, and my life is very different from the one I left behind 3 years ago when I gave birth to my daughter. My oldest daughters father left shortly after I got pregnant and comes around every 5 or 6 months to see her, trust me having a baby at such a young age is a big mistake. Save your self the heart break of missing your child-hood, struggling through your teen years and most likley explaining to your child why their daddy isn't around.
are you insane? has no one talked to you about sex, and teen pregnancy? or maybe you are one of those girls that find it "glamorous", after watching too many episodes of "16&Pregnant" on MTV. how do you plan on supporting a baby at 14!?!? you can't drive, or even get a job! you need to wait to have sex, and put the baby thing out of your mind, until you atleast finish high school. have you talked to your parents about this, yet? you should. i just don't want to be supporting another teen mother on welfare, and food stamps with my tax dollars.


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