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If my daughter only drinks half her bottle...

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how long can it sit before it is bad to give her the rest. I know that it it's not good to let it sit out too long but how long is too long? Sometimes she will drink half and then take a little break (like 5 to 20 mins) and then want more.

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on formula bottles it says after so many hours throw it out
or try just giving her the small bottles that are bout the amount as a half a big bottle
formula or breastmilk should not sit out for more than 2 hours. and that's pushing it. it says on the can no more than an hour, i believe. it's been a while for us. you would be safe with 1.5 hrs.
I went through this daily with our little one...taking a while to finish bottles. I believe the formula can did say an hour once the baby has started eating the bottle, but I know we passed that hour by just a little bit before and it was fine. I would try to not wait more than and hour, and then put the bottle in the fridge and re-heat it when your little one is ready. 
i would say no more then an hour
formula is bad after 1 hr and brestmilk goes bad after 8 hrs
and u can not reheat a formula bottle
Thanks for all the responses. I thought it was about an hour, just wanted to see what other moms thought. 
Check with the formula manufacturer or read the can, it will say, usually 1 hour.  DO NOT reheat, refrigerate or reuse any formula that your daughter has already partially drunk.  The reason for this is that any germs or bacteria from your child's salive or your hands or the air will begin to grow in the formula and can make her very sick. 
i always reheated my daughter's unfinished refridgerated formula bottles, and she never got sick. she's 20 month old, and she's only had 1 ear infection, 1 cold, and mild bronchitis.

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