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If you have unprotected sex 3times is it possible you can have 3kids?

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my husband and i had unprotected sex 3 times since the 23 of june. is it possible to have 3 kids from that, i have not been on Birth Control in over a month, and not sure when i am suppose to start my period again. he thinks that i can have 3 kids, and that i am pregnant now. i think its to early to tell. Can anyone help us?

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you have got to be kidding! you mean triplets, right? where do you people come up with this crap?  if that were the case, then having unprotected sex 6 times would make you pregnant with sextuplets. yes, it is possible that you could end up with multiples, but not based on the fact that you had unprotected sex 3 times within the past 2 days. do twins or multiples run in your family or his? if so, then you have a greater chance of carrying multiples. it's way too early to tell if your pregnant or not. you need to wait about 2 weeks after you have sex to take a test. not 2 days.
my thoughts exactly. I had unprotected sex over a hundred times and I still don't have three kids (but the third one is in the oven). You need to find someone intelligent to sit both of you two down to talk about the birds and the bees.
judging by your question I don't think either of you are ready for any kids, please use some birth control :)
i agree with cresteds, there's no way in hell you are intelligent enough to have a baby in your life. this has got to be the most ridiculous question i have seen on here, besides, "is there any way to tell if my baby is of mixed race before it's born?"
Notice the questions stated "he thinks that i can have 3 kids" She did not say she thought she could have 3 kids.  Even though I agree with the above comments, if you don't know how your body works well enough to know the answer to this question then you should not be having kids yet.  To answer your question unless the egg splits naturally then your body only releases one egg a month.  Therefore you should only conceive one baby. 
i deff agree that this a dumb question but i dont think theres any need to be so negative..some women just dont know everything about reproduction..all though you should deff do some research before u plan to have kids
Isn't it possible, but rare for two eggs to drop in one cycle?
Oh my goodness!!! Y'all are soooooo rude!!! I swear, y'all stay on this thing just to tear into each other!! So hostile!! Look some young people don't get the education they should on Sex and babies and parenting. These people come on here for advice and this is what you give them? Wow!!!! Geeze, I added this sight and come on here to get advice from other mother's and women and I all i end up seeing are people asking real questions and needing real answers because they are either scared or nervous to ask someone face to face adn y'all just laugh at them!!! Lay off! So many caustic attitudes are already in the outside world. Why don't y'all remember a time when you needed help and think of that one person that helped you along.... ya, and don't say there wasn't because NO ONE makes it on your own.Faith_Bri18, The only stupid question is the one that goes unasked. I don't agree on the delivery of the previous messages, but what is said is true. There are possibilities of you becoming pregnant while having unprotected sex, not only with one baby, but multiples. Another great worry is STDs. That can be not only harmful to your body but cause lasting effects. Use protection. It may not feel as good, but if you are wanting to be sexually active then use protection. You can go to free clinics like planned parenthood in your home city/town and aske about information and birthcontrol. they have real doctors and real nurses that are employed by the state and are there for you. Don't be discouraged, it is about maturity. Go and seek out your answers sweetie.
Yes, 2 eggs and even 3 eggs could mature and release at once, but its not very common.  Which is why singleton births are so much higher then twin or tripplet births. 


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