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I'm 10 weeks pregnant and i have a very upset stomach all day

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@pinkpaislet8709 i haven't seen a single nice answer from you on the site... and truthfully it's beginning to irritate me... this woman is looking for advice not a put down, not all of us know these things... Not everyone gets morning sickness and newsflash for you not everyone has a mother or woman figure in their life who they can talk to about this... my job is mainly men and my husbands and I roommates are all men... So it's not like i can turn to any of them for answers... I'm just lucky enough to have a mother who talked to me about all this... Maybe this woman isn't that lucky...Now @Yadira M upset stomach is common not normally all day but still it happens... What I did was nibble all day instead of eating normal sized meals that cut down on it alot... when it started up i ate some tums or sucked on ginger... when i was feeling a sweet tooth come on ginger snaps worked great... if you can find something to eat that doesn't give you an upset stomach stick with it make sure you're still getting all your nutritional needs and keeping up with your vitamins... If you're having trouble with those (I had a horrible time keeping those down) they make chewable ones just ask your doctor about it... best of luck
Yes morning sickness is very misleading. I was sick all day, every day for my entire first trimester. My doctor always told me the worst thing is an empty stomach, so always having a little snack like crackers was perfect to munch on every few hours. Chewing ice always helped as well. It does go away and evenutally you will forget you ever felt this miserable. Good luck!
@pinkpaisley8709Wow, rude!@ asker....I had the same doctor told me that I should just clean out my system and I used fiber pills, like metamucil, I just used the store brand. The dose is 5 pills at a time, and I was fine with taking 2 a day for three days and I was so much better. Hope everything works out for you.
Pinkpaisley not everyone knows this she needs advice not rude comments yadira m ginger ale helps me alot and luke warm baths help to. GOOD LUCK!, Oceana
ashlynv,i did not have any women in my life when i was pregnant either, or even before, and i still managed to aquire this basic info. you may be irritated by my rude comments, but i am irritated with stupid/ignorant people! if you don't like what i post, then don't read it.
Pinkpaisley8709 is pretty rude most of the time. I have mentioned it to her before. I am an outspoken person also but I realize people come on here to ask for advise not to be put down. I agree that some of the questions people have asked on here seem, in pinkpaisleys words "stupid or ignorant", but I just don't answer them. Let someone else give them some advise. 
can't we all just get along..I've had six kids and now i' ve had a quessy stomach 4 three weeks and don't want to believe i'm pregnant but it just won't go away as soon as i get outta bed in the tummy is quessy all boyfriend is suppose to be impotence..i can't believe this has happened...
I guess some people rarely ask themselves how useful there comment is going to be. I always live by the rule: if its not useful to me or anyone else, then don't say it. The lady was asking about having an 'upset tummy'. This can mean loose stools or sickness (yes, you should have both holes at each end ;)) pinkpaisley8709: there's honesty and then there's being condescending. Yours is the latter. you can be honest without being condescending. If you're unable to find a balance, then you are possibly lacking social intelligence. Try to think about what you say before you say it. If your comments are upsetting or hurting people's feelings, and you're not concerned about that, then your 'skills' belong elswhere. remember; honesty isn't always best policy. Being helpful and tactful is. Take care.  
Not only were your comments not helpful, but they actually show that you yourself lack intelligence. A tummy ache can be caused by many different things in pregnancy Including but not limited to....gas, constipation, diarrhea, round ligament pain, a subchorionic hematoma, cysts, and I could keep going but I think we all get the point. Before you call someone an idiot make sure you don't sound like one yourself!!!


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