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I'm 14 and pregnant. What would be the best thing for me to do?

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I'm 14 and just recently found out that I'm two weeks pregnant. I live with my grandma and she works a lot. The dad knows and he's full of support and 100% there. He's talked me out of a lot of things concerning the baby and I just need to know what I should. How should I address the situation to my grandmother? How would I finish school?

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Let me first ask how old the babys father is. If he is 14 to around 16 I can almost guarantee you that what you are talking about raising the baby together and all that will not happen. And how could you tell you are pregnant two weeks? If there is no pregnancy test there is no proof. Since you're young, your period isn't always going to be very regular. It takes more than a few years for your period to be regular. So talk to your grandma about it because she needs to know to help you and if you are sexually active because since you are, you would need to be started on birth control right away if you arent pregnant. You may think that you can go without your grandma knowing but I promise you you cant. She needs to know. Yeah, you will probably get grounded or in trouble but it needs to happen so that you dont become a mother at just 14. Dont you want a future? Just hope you arent pregnant because even if you think you're ready for a baby, you aren't. If you cant even talk to your grandma about having sex you arent mature enough to have it. Just my personal opinion.

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