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im 14 and scared i might be pregnant. help??

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a couple of days before the 4th of July my...partner (i dont know what to call him...its a complicated situation...) and i had sex a day after my period ended. during the sex we realized the condom had came off when we changed positions. lately i have been feeling sick to my stomach and light headed and i feel like puking sometimes. i have mood swings a lot. i am really scared and i feel like i have no one to talk to.

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Hello, you must be feeling so nervous right now. There isn't anything you can do at the moment, however. You can take a pregnancy test about 14 days after ovulation, which will be about 28 days after the first day of your period...meaning just at the time you would get your period next. If you miss your period, then take a pregnancy test. You can obtain one at your local drug store or grocery store. They are cheaper at the dollar store and work just as well. You could also make an appointment at your doctor's office without your parents' knowing; however it is best to tell them or an adult you trust. Also note that women can have similar symptoms to you during this stage of their cycles on occasion; (it has happened to many of my friends and even me). Try not to think about every possibility right now. Get rest and take vitamins; if you are pregnant, folic acid will help the developing baby. I hope this helps a little. But please talk with a grown-up whom you trust--that will calm you the most.
Hi, The mom above gave great advice to follow and I would just like to add to it some information that may help. By now you should be able to take a pregnancy test to find out if you are or not pregnant. Going to a doctor will help to confirm if you are pregnant, and another option is to go to a Planned Parenthood near you. They have helped me in the past with similar situations and have free counselors that can help talk you through your situation if you feel you do not have anyone to talk to. Only you can decide what's best for you and they can help you find out the options for an unintended pregnancy, including prenatal care. Good luck and God bless...

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