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im 14 weeks and only taling folid acid what else should i take

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i live in mexico and they have only given me folic acid what other prenatal stuff should i take doctors dont know crap out here or better yet care

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You should be taking prenatal vitamins with DHA and you should be eating a healthy, balanced diet. Prenatal vitamins are very important because your body needs extra vitamins and minerals during pregnancy. DHA is very important for your baby's brain and eye development.I take the GNC prenatal pack. I've used these vitamins with all of my pregnanices so far and I'm sure they've contributed to my children's intelligence and health. They come with a multivitamin that you take twice a day, as well as a calcium supplement and a DHA supplement. I take one multi in the morning and one a bedtime and I take the calcium and DHA at lunch. If you can't afford to buy prenatal vitamins yourself you can have your doctor write you a prescription for them.
I could not stomach prenatal vitamins so my midwives let me take flinstones chewable vitamins. I had to take 2 a day. With my daughter they also recommended fish oil but I could not stomach that and they did not even suggest it when I got pregnant with my son.

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