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i'm 14 years old and 3 weeks pregnant

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i am 14 years old, a freshman in high school, and i think, not positive yet, that i'm 3 weeks pregnant. i'm scared, really scared. it was my first time having sex with a guy i dated for 6 months, after we had sex, he dumped me a week later, and then i started showing symptons of being pregnant. i don't know what do. i dont know what to eat or say to my parents, idk how i can do it financially and i refuse abortion but i can consider adoption, but i want my child. help!

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Oh sweetie, It will be ok... first you need to find someone (an adult ) that you trust, If not your parents maybe an aunt,sister,grandma ect. and you need to get a test and find out for sure!  I have a 12 old daughter and the thought of her being in your shoes terrifies me however, I would LOVE  her no matter what and I'm sure your parents feel the same way! God bless you for being strong enough to say NO to abortion and just hang in there!
I know what you're going through. I know you're feeling scared and feel a bit lonely.First: Be Strong. Find out on your own or with a sibling you can trust (either by a home pregnany test or go to a free clinic.) FYI: Use a fake name, and don't tell friends from school, later they might not be friends and bring that up Or they can tell that dumb guy that did this to you.. Not cool.Once you find out if you are for sure.. then you can start to think of the rest. Take it one step at a time.Just keep in mind that you'll be just fine, no matter what the results are.  Take Care :)
everything will be ok!! you really need to take a test before jumping ahead.. and im sure your parents will understand.. uggh i typed a really long response on here and it erased i think and i want to know if the person that posted this question is on faceebook? if you want you can look me up my name is brandi vannasdale and id love to share my story with you! everything will be ok sweetie!! hang in there and itll turn out to be great! 
I know this is gonna be really hard. But if you are.. all this will be worth it the minute you hold your little one. Im 19 and just had my first child. It broke my mothers heart when i told her because she always assumed i would follow her example. But i know your parents will love you no matter what. Take everyone's advice here because it really is good advice.So get a test. Find out about programs like medicaid, wic, food stamps, whatever your state has to offer. There are states that will pay for child care. Unfortunately you do need a job to qualify... but do your research. And make a plan for yourself. You have made a good choice by refusing abortion. It shows that you really can do this. It shows that you are strong and your willing to work it out. 
I was scared when i found out I  was prego at 16 Years old; for information about what to eat and take go to Like some of the other mom bloggers said, find somebody YOU can TRUST. NOBODY THAT YOUR PARENTS TALK TO TELL WILL TELL UNLESS YOU ARE VERY CONFIDENT WITH THEM!  there are alot of moms that are in your postition on babycenter community and if you need assistance i can help you my baby center profile is Neek.Ma
i hate that u r going thur this im 27 and i have a hard time taking care of my little girl at times. i know u have that feeling that u would wanna keep the baby but maybe u should see if someone u know and trust a family member or someone in the community where u live would adopt the baby and make it where u could still be a part of its life. first thou u need to get a test. if its neg and u still dont start when ur supossed to go to health dept they r not allowed to give information to anyone even ur parents u can trust them. u should really consider the child in this situation. what will u be able to offer this child wil u be able to take care of it and still go to school. where wil u live, where will u work, who will watch it who will help you? this is all things that need to be considered. for the best of the baby not ness best for u. i hope everything goes well for u and i hope that u learn from this that it only takes one time to get pregnant and boys r inmature and he probably wont wanna be a help to u if he has already bailed. hope this helps u make ur decision..... i dont know ur religious background but i know that in this situation GOD can really help u . i will be praying for u and hoping for the best....
Kallie, you should ask yourself why you would want a baby right now before you decide to keep it. So that you'll have something that loves you? Because you think you'll be as good a mom as your child deserves? Please make an informed decision before you completely rule out adoption or even abortion. It's heart-wrenching, but these choices could be best for you. danajohnson above has good questions to consider. Do you have the income to support a child? If not, will your education suffer as you try to provide for a child? How much help would your parents be willing to give?But first things first -- get a test to confirm. Wishing you the best of luck.
Just breathe
i know your scared im 21 and when i found out i was pregnant with my daughter i was really nervous and i understand being 14 that would be really hard but its ok first you should take a pregnancy test to be sure before you tell the guy or your parents and try to stay calm if it is positive because being pregnant and having a baby is not easy at all espeacailly being 14 but just remember if you are pregnant make sure you talk to your parents and the guy because they need to know your parents might be upset but they need to be able to help you get prepared for the baby and make sure you go to your doctor appointments and take the prenatal care that you need to have a healthy baby and even if the guy left he still needs to be there for his baby or atleast know about it and you dont have to worry having a baby can be very difficult and scary but its worth it when you have that precious baby in your arms
I too have been where you are. I was 14 in 8th grade when i got pregnant with my daughter. First off you MUST find out if you're pregnant or not. And you MUST do this ASAP. The advice the other moms are giving you is very good advice. Start with someone you can really truly TRUST and do NOT go teling all your friends. The next thing you ought to do is start by telling your boyfriend so he is very much in the loop of things happening. Eventually you have to find a way to tell your parents. They are/will be your biggest support during this time. Even if you are afraid remember at 14 this is not something you should attempt to go through alone. I believe you should look at all your options before settling on raising this child yourself. You have already ruled out abortion, which I applaud you for, so that just leaves adoption. Look at this from all angles and what will work best for YOU and YOUR CHILD. Don't let anyone pressure you into making a decision you don't want to.Raising a child is hard work, and raising a child at 14 is even harder work. It takes time and money. but it can be done. I continued to go to school and graduated middle school and high school on time and am now in my first year of college. I had help of course but nobody raised my little girl for me. I refused to be another statistic. It doesn't have to be that way for you. If you want to talk or anything even a question or two you can contact me through facebook (Braxton Brown-Dumas). I would be happy to share my full experience with you. in hopes that it can help you.  


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