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I'm 14 years old and I think I might be pregnant. Please help, anyone?

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I had sex about eight days ago and he ejaculated in the same condom three times in a row. There were no obvious breaks in it, but we're scared that a small tear could have been made of that the semen could have come up the sides for the second and third time. I'm supposed to start my period in 3 days, but I'm experiencing symptoms that can be both PMS and pregnancy (nausea without throwing up, fatigue, acne). I had sex after ovulation, so I think I can get my period but still be pregnant. Someone please answer. I'd like to know if the symptoms are too soon for pregnancy.. or not?

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Ignore Ohsparenting2012, They are obviously not here to help anyone. Just another lonely freak who has no life. There are actually some people on here that can be helpful so don't let creeps like him scare you away. Moving on, Because you don't know for sure if it even broke, I wouldn't worry yet. If you get your period, You're not pregnant. If you miss it or it's late, take a pregnancy test. I am in the same situation, only I know for sure that I am pregnant. You might have been lucky this time, but be more careful in the future. Good luck! :)
Generally, symptoms don't start until you're a few weeks into pregnancy. Stress, PMS, and just thinking you're pregnant can make your body experience some of the pregnancy symptoms. Wait until your period is at least a day late if your cycles are very regular before you take a pregnancy test. If you aren't pregnant, it's a good idea to stop having sex until you are ready to raise a baby. I know that may sound silly or too drastic, but it's really the only way to avoid a situation you just aren't ready for.

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