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I'm 15 am I pregnant or is it just my anxiety

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I first had consensual sex about 12 weeks ago with protection except at the beginning,I'm 100% he didn't cum at all and he is too but I'm scared maybe there might have been some precum that me or him didn't feel , about a week later I felt a little nauseous and began feeling really anxious and more nauseous, my anxiety isn't usually as bad to make me nauseous so that's why I was a bit paranoid at first. My boobs began to feel really sore about a few weeks after but I don't really have much chest and this is an age where my boobs should be filling in, I got my period at the end of the month and it was 3 days heavy then 2 days light like always but I still was scared as some pregnant women say they got their period when they're pregnant. I took a pregnancy test after I was done with my period and it came out negative. I was still kinda nauseous and really sore boobs, the next month I got my period normally too and then I took another pregnancy test which came out negative as well, I was still feeling really anxious and then I got my third period last month, since my intimacy, and took another pregnancy right after it and it came out negative as well and then around the beginning of this month I took another one that came out negative as well but I'm feeling bloated and constipated a lot which can relate to my anxiety as well and my boobs are still sore after like 10 weeks, I have gained some weight but I think that's because I've been really depressed lately because I've been thinking about how my future will be ruined etc, and I usually eat my sadness away so I can't tell if I have a baby bump already or just gained weight, I've also been really sensitive when it comes to peeing like sometimes I'll have to go like only 30 minutes before my last time and other times when I'm distracted I don't have to go for quiet some while. Although I have gotten 4 negative pregnancy tests I know some tests sometimes don't detect someone's body's hormones so that scares me too and I know some cases where some women don't find out that they're pregnant until they're like 4-5 months. I also have been having some cramping in my upper abdomen lately this month and I'm not sure if that could be related. There is no possibility I could ever tell my mom or anybody besides my boyfriend, and I don't think I'd be able to get a secret blood test done so Im really scared and need opinions asap.

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