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I'm 15 and could I be pregnant?

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Okay. So in mid may, My boyfriend, 3 years together and still going, and me had sex. We wanted to know what it felt like so We tried but i made him pull out only about 2-3 minutes in because of the risks. Its beginning of July and my last period was about May 23-29. Im not showing any of the major symptomsother than feeling weak but I dont eat very much and I am scared and worried because I'm going to start high school and My parents arent understanding at all. They yell over everything and arent the nicest around. I did have pain yesterday and Im not sure if that was bc I am ovulating or if its pregnancy and I am having discharge but its not "milky and white" Its more like a normal one but I just can't help but stress myself out over this mess. I don't want to be pregnant and abortion isnt my favorite option. But I am just really anxious because I knoe I am not prepared on any level for this! Could I be pregnant or did I just miss a month?

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