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im 16 and i think i might be pregnant..

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my period started on 2/20 and it lasted about 5 days.. i checked the fertility calculator earlier today, and it turns out i was fertile on 3/1, 3/2, 3/3, and 3/4. me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex on those days.. we used the pull-out method, but i am having some cramping (not as intense as period cramps, and my period cramps are normally in my back also) in my lower abdomen. i have been really tired lately and getting headaches (i normally don't get them often), i have been feeling a little lightheaded and times, too. am i pregnant, or am i just scared? help!!

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I wouldn't get too worked up yet. There are so many possibilities here that could cause symptoms like that. I would wait a little bit and take a preg. test. Often, women tend to be more aware of their bodies when they think they are pregnant and little, normal things seem major to them. (I'm not saying it isn't possible that you are pregnant)But unless you want a baby now...which I'm gonna say please don't have a child yet...I think it would be smart to be a little more careful in the future. (birth control, condoms, etc)
you could be, but it's too soon to be sure. note for the future: DON'T USE THE PULL OUT METHOD! women get pregnant this way all the time. this is how i got pregnant when i was only 17. tell your boyfriend that if he really loves you and respects you, he'll protect you by wearing a condom. you also need to love and respect yourself enough to insist on it.
Get your boyfriend to support you, dont let him run away. Chances are, you are probably not pregnant, you might just have PMS. But just in case you are, abortion is never an option for me because it means taking an innocent life. Go for adoption or get a job.  
I am 40 and thought I was done with babies.  My hubby used the pull out method and guess what?  We are expecting our fifth baby soon!  Take a pg test and see a doctor.  Don't get too freaked out, but rely on people who love you.  Good luck!
same happen to me i got pregnant u probably are and i still kind of dont know the date exactly or the months i have does anyone know how can i know how many months exactly i have im really confuzed too
i dont have an answer but i have had things like that happen too me where i thought i was pregnent because i was experiencing pregnancy symtoms.i was 16 too and i freaked out every time. 5 years later when i finally did get pregnant i experienced hardly any symptoms right away. just the frequent urinating, nausia, and tiredness.
Don't let people like (up above) put you down. I understand the EXACT feeling. It's scary, I know. The best thing to do is go to one of the free clinics and get tested. It's fast and they give you options of birth control. If you're not pregnant the shot. Be more careful, because you want to get your life together before you make another one. You don't want to bring a beautiful life in this world without anything to give them. So just be smart, if you think you're pregnant go ahead and go to free clinic, talk to your parents if you think they'd be understanding. Mine were hopefully, yours are too. Rather safe then sorry. Best of luck to you, hope everything turns out fine.

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