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im 16 and i want to have a baby!...any advise?

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im 16 and im a lesbian. i want to have a baby.......perfuably a boy....i love babys i asked my mom to have another one but she cant cuz she got her tubs tied:/ all my brothers and sisters are older now well all exceot one she's 3years old but im not aloud near her:/ any advise to give moms? i really want a baby

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i wouldnt get prego onpurpose at 16 years old its alot of responsiblility and a lot of work.
Babies are a blessing but they are also a lot of work. They change your life completely. I was ready for this change, so it has not been unpleasant for me. I am almost always with my baby, except when at work. I don't get to go to the movies, parties, the mall etc at the drop of a hat like I used to because my baby needs me to be there for her.A lot of my friends don't come around a whole lot because I have a baby, and some of them can't be bothered with someone who has other obligations besides themselves. I am 27 years old, and my boyfriend and I have been together a long time. We both work full-time at decent jobs and we still have a tight budget because babies are expensive. Also, it sounds like you have quite a few siblings, which means bringing another baby into your household could potentially put a strain on your parents. It would be very irresponsible of you to bring a baby into the world without having any of the proper resources. Were you planning on relying on Medicaid, food stamps, and other entitlements for your baby? If so, you really need to rethink your decision. Welfare isn't there so that you can get pregnant and have babies you can't afford. It's unfortuante that it ends up that is what welfare assistance is ultimately used for - people who have babies they can't take care of and have no intention of trying to without government help. I should know, I work in public health. Also, might I say that teenage years are hard - I know - but you have many years ahead of you to grow and learn about yourself. Put off having a baby so that you may experience what young adulthood has to offer. I suggest maybe college or community college after you finish high school. Even if you don't finish you will meet new people, learn things, and you will never forget your experience. Just because 16-year-olds on MTV are having babies doesn't mean you should. Please enjoy your will never get it back!!
I'm 16 also, and I'm getting ready to be a mother.  It's a lot of work getting ready for her, and everything changes afterwards. In your best interest, I'd wait until you're financially stable and settled down before you 'have' your first child. But if you do, good luck and i'm sure you'll be a great mom...! 
Wait.  You're sixteen - you have years ahead of you.  Babies are great, but they require a lot of work, a lot of patience, a lot of support from family and friends - and they're expensive to boot.  Give it a few years - your ovaries aren't going anywhere.  Graduate high school, go to college, find a girlfriend, find a wife, get a job you love, put some money away into savings, and when you're older and wiser and more financially stable - THEN have your baby.  You'll appreciate him or her so much more for having had lived a little longer than 16 years.
your not allowed to go near your 3 year old sibling? what's that all about? you are only 16, which means that you are just now able to work, and drive. i think you have been watching too many episodes of 16 and pregnant, on mtv. it's given you the idea that having a baby at your age can be glamourous, but you could not be further from the truth. you have no idea what it takes to raise a baby. so you love babies, that's great. doesn't mean that you should be having them at your age. and if your a lesbian, than you would be looking into some type of artificial insemination. no doctor in their right mind would help you with that, and if they do, they should lose their liscense. enjoy your youth, it will be over so much faster than you think. i don't want to be supporting another teen mother on welfare, wic, medicaid, food stamps, etc. that's not what it's there for. but sadly, most times that's why it is used. have you discussed this with your parents? i'm 23 with a 21 month old daughter, 4 pit bulls, and i'm 8 weeks pregnant with my second. trust me, you have plenty of time to have babies later on in life. now is not the time.
You need to finish school, and learn how to spell, such as the words:    preferably...babies...allowed...advice .  It's important that you make good grades and finish high school. And if  you make good grades while in high school, you could get scholarships and/or grants to go to college. You need to think about why you want a baby.  Do you want a baby to love you?  Or do you want to offer continuous love to a baby?Here's an idea:  there are plenty of moms who would love to have a break. You could voluntarily come and give their baby some attention while they are there, just so they can rest their feet.  Motherhood can be overwhelming, and it seems to be non-stop when you have a baby, with barely a chance for the  mom to take a shower.  Babies should be breastfed if possible, so that they have the best start in life. Breastmilk  has immunoglobulins and many other ingredients especially for human babies, that keep a baby healthy.   That would be difficult to do if you are still in school, or have to work, although many moms are committed to pumping their breastmilk while at work. It's not easy to do that but can be done.   But if you have to work to support the baby, you're not really there for the baby during the day, so why go out of your way to have a baby?  The way it best works out and this is how God intended it, is for the mom to stay home, breastfeed the baby, while her husband works to support the family. Consider dropping the lesbian lifestyle and loving men instead.  Or do you hate men?  And, if you hate men, why would you want a baby who will become a man? 
dont do that i am 15 and i wish i waited please u wil make big mistake but if u wnna do what u want then u will regreat it my mom forced me to stay in school us u shouldnt give your education up for ANYTHING ! but if u really wnnna baby bad try using a sperm doner
dont do that i am 15 and i wish i waited please u wil make big mistake but if u wnna do what u want then u will regreat it my mom forced me to stay in school us u shouldnt give your education up for ANYTHING ! but if u really wnnna baby bad try using a sperm doner
Letsshop...I agreed with everything you said until we got to this nonsense: "The way it best works out and this is how God intended it, is for the mom to stay home, breastfeed the baby, while her husband works to support the family."I support any woman who wants to do this, however this is 2011...not 1950. Women working to help support their families is often a necessity, not a choice. You can be a good mother and still work full-time, like me. My baby is in a daycare two blocks from my office, and every minute I am not at work is spent with my baby girl. I guess God thinks I am a bad mother though because I am out earning my living instead of letting that burden rest soley on my man.Also, being a lesbian is not a lifestyle choice. It's not like being a vegetarian didn't work out for this girl so she moved on to being a lesbian. I am friends with many lesbians and it is not that they hate men...they are attracted to and want to be in a relationship with a woman.
I had a baby at 15, I missed out on everything! I didnt get to finish highschool, I had to get a job right away. the cost of Diapers, formula (my milk didnt come in) clothes, daycare, toys! I missout on my teenage years! No prom,parties, hangign out with my friends! I lost almost all my friends, no one wanted to hang out with me and my baby! Its not easy. My daughter is now 15 and I dread her making the same decisions I did! dont you want your child to have everything he/she can? at 16 you cant give all they need! I was lucky to have my parents, but they couldnt do it all for me. you have your whole life ahead of you. when the time is right you will have your baby. But you need to find out who you are and what you need and want to be, before you can do that for someone else!


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