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im 16 weeks . am i suppose to be feeling the baby move ?

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i havent felt anything yet . im starting to get worried

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Its ok al pregnancies are different if it last longer then when your like 25 weeks then be a little concerned,but for now its okay.
You will feel something soon as in a few weeks. You have nothing to worry about right now.
With my first pregnancy, I didn't feel the baby move until around 17-19 weeks.  And when the baby did move, a lot of times I didn't realize it was her until a little while later b/c it just felt like a deep muscle spasm.  I think once you realize what it actually feels like, it will get easier. Also, the baby is not quite big enough to pack a big punch, but don't worry, as the baby grows he/she will definitely make their presence known :)  I am 31 weeks now, and I felt this baby around 14-15 weeks, and again, even though i had been pregnant once before, sometimes I still wasn't sure it was the baby.  It will happen, I promise, and you will love every hiccup, kick, and nudge :)  Good Luck

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