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im 16 years old and ive hadnt had my period can i be pregnant

2 answers
I'm 16 years old and I missed my period two months but I haven't tooken a test and I have gotten morning sickness / my breast hurt like soreness and I get hungry so often and I tend to have to use the restroom even tho I Harley drink anything can there be a possibility that I can be pregnant

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Im not an expert but Im also wondering if I was. But by the sounds of your symtoms, I really think you need to take a test. I think missing a period for 2 months are morning sickness is enough to say that you probably are.
If you start your menstrual cycle then you can get pregnant. There was even an 11 year old who got pregnant. After I missed my period I waited a week. Then first thing in the morning I took a pee test it was positive. It's the best time because your hormones are at their highest.

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