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im 17 and dont kno if im goin to have my 2 kid how to tell

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i had sex at the last day of my peroid im on birthcontrol and haveing all the sings

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Having all the sings? You're singing randomly? That used to be a sign of hysteria and cause to remove a uterus. You're on BC? You're likely not pregnant. Pee on a stick or go to a clinic.; you can't be confirmed pregnant online.
If you had sex on the last day of your period chances are good you didn't ovulate soon enough after your period to be pregnant. Plus, being on birth control seriously reduces that chances of you getting pregnant, but it can happen. I was a birth control baby, so was my first child.Wait until your next expected period to take a pregnancy test.
Also, since you're only 17, you might want to think about not having sex until you're older and are capable of dealing with the "consquences" of having sex. If you're too young to have a baby you sholdn't be having sex.
Is that 2nd kid? Hard to tell. Like the other ladies said your most likely not pregnant considering that your on birth control and that continues to work through your period week. If your on the pill, the hormones sometimes can mimic the signs of pregnancy. It is safe to take the pill while pregnant but if that is a cause of concern for you, ask your doctor about temporarily going of the pill to make sure you are not pregnant!

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