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I'm 17 and pregnant but i think the dad is going to leave me

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i am 17 years old and a senior in high school who has good grades and a bright future but now i am 7 weeks pregnant. i have been talking to the dad for a while and we have always been friends since freshman but now we did it and i got pregnant from it. my parents don't know yet and neither does his because i'm indian and he is chinese so it's harder for us both. but now i get the feeling that he is going to leave me because it might ruin his life and dreams of wanting to go to harvard and everything. and of course it's going to effect my life too so i would like to know how to explain to him that we both made the mistake and now we both have to learn how to handle it whether we like it or not. and that it wasn't like we planned to get pregnant. it just happened by accident. btw he can get a little short- temper and annoyed if i pester him to much hence why i'm having a more difficult time telling him.

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